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Comb disease thousand times less than half

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Human hair is not only one sign of beauty, but also with human health are directly linked. Regular hair, not only beautify the hair, the hair of the important measures to protect, there is an organic link with disease prevention. "Comb thousand times, less than half the disease," he says is this meaning.

To protect the hair, the first is better nutrition, not a partial eclipse. Fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, cereals beneficial for hair growth, should eat; and fats, sugar and onions, garlic, peppers and other spicy foods can increase the secretion of the sebaceous glands, oily scalp, especially the people should not eat. Secondly, to keep cheerful. Help hair healthy emotional fitness; negative emotions is an important factor in causing premature loss of hair. Third, we must master the correct method of shampoo, the appropriate choice of shampoo and cosmetics. Usually 1-2 times a week with warm water and wash your hair with neutral shampoo, shampoo best; pomade can not use too much paint to prevent the influence of hair color.

In medicine, for the first round of the brain, it is "smart House" of the body, and the body meridian interlinked with the main points blood gas injection. Appropriate stimulation of certain points of the head, body and even help to improve brain function, to disease prevention and health purposes. "Health sixteen should" put forward "hair should always comb" point of view, it is the summary of this experience. Song Guo Shangxian said, "When the hair feet longevity thing, lying small temporary peace" in the words of his "clear differences recorded", the description has been found that the ancients hair promote the role of sleep.

Health Tips:

Hair time, in addition to select the morning and evening a comb, but also carried out in the work space, especially the mental is more important. Morning and evening hair, to keep a clear mind, treat nervous headache, insomnia, irritability plays a significant role; working gap hair, to restore the brain fatigue, ensure energetic, enhanced thinking skills and emotional stability has a direct help. Suffering from hypertension, arteriosclerosis, neurasthenia patients, but should adhere to hair, comb through the head to stimulate some have Pinggan wind, resuscitation points rather God function of disease play a role of adjuvant therapy.


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