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Chinese medicine teaches you the correct hair

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Hair and skin, is a mirror of human health. Modern scientific research that the human hair is about 10 to 150,000, the hair root tip has swollen pellets, called hair ball. Hairball accumulation of hair matrix cells produce hair growth and color, that is, by the actively dividing hair mother cell and its secretion of pigment granules decision. The more pigment granules, the hair black; on the contrary, the hair color is gray, and even white. In general, the hair gray, white process, is the body and blood by the gloom and doom of the process.
Chinese medicine believes that the kidney bone marrow, through the brain, "in the hair." Liver blood, "made for the blood of more than." Due to "head for Zhu Yang will" dominate all spiritual emotional activity, it has "made for China's brain," he said. Chinese medicine believes that hair and organs kidney, liver, heart, spleen and brain, has a very close relationship. Hair dark, moist, flexible, were marked enough blood, kidney Chong Sheng, the brain healthy and vigorous, adequate air. So, my family health history regarded hair conditioner brain's health, as one of the important measures of health and longevity.
Ancient home health advocate "should be more hair comb." Medical books "to treat patients," said: "Thousands of hair over the head is not white." Health care book "clear differences were recorded," said: "I served bait guidance, the matter is there are two large Health: The hair, the feet also "health book" regimen news on the "pointed out:" March, daily hair under two hundred summer, expelling eyesight naturally carry on, "Song writer Su said:." hundreds of comb hair, loose head lying cooked to sleep out. "Thus, the ancient home health care have paid special attention to the health effects of hair. Practice has proved that hair has to clear the blood, scattered wind eyesight, Wing-fat, solid fat, promote sleep and so on. Visible, hair is not only a modified hair, beautify the face of the little things, related to the prevention or event in previous years.
The correct method of hair
From front to back, and then later by the forward; from left to right, then from right to left. So the cycle, hair after dozens or hundreds of times. Then finishing hair, comb to smooth finishing up. The comb should be drawn with the head mahogany and other wood or made of natural materials such as horn, comb should be smooth. Hair generally take time each morning and evening for 5 minutes, the rest of leisure time can avoid satiation after carding, to avoid affecting the spleen and stomach digestion.
When the finger massage can be combined with hair, that is to take fingers apart, with the pulp or knead finger from the forehead hairline after hairline to do ring, then massage from both sides of the head, the force should be uniform, and so forth dozens of times to the scalp micro-thermal degree.
Qin hair, often six benefits of massage:
1, to clear the blood, helps brain blood circulation, enhance memory, and help prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease.
2, make the hair to get adequate nutrition to prevent hair loss and early white hair, a hair effect.
3, scattered wind can prevent colds, relieve headaches.
4, the role of eyesight, hair advantageously help reduce high blood pressure, prevention of cerebral vascular diseases.
5, can be refreshing brain, relieve stress, promote sleep, reduce fatigue.
6, help enhance the coordination function of the central nervous system balance and longevity.




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