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New ceramic hair curling brush set with removable handle

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A brush set just for you,with mixing sizes of curles.6 rollers has each 2 in big,middle,small,and a universal handle.
The special is you can dry and style in one step,will achieve the look by the time your hair is dry and cool,no need to dry before styling.
With a detachable handle that turns brush heads into rollers, it allows each section of hair to cool and set while you continue styling.
Heat is what alters the molecular bonds in your hair and permits a temporary change in shape (straight to curled), but it is the cooling of the hair that allows the new shape (the curl) to be retained.
After drying a section of hair with your blow dryer, simply detach the brush barrel and allow your hair to cool while you attach the handle to the next brush barrel and move on to the next section of hair.
The nylon bristles are stiff enough to create tension when styling, soft enough to avoid tangles and long enough to hold rollers in place without clips.
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